A Hero’s Heart by Sylvia McDaniel

Author: Sylvia McDaniel

Category: Romance Books

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Wade Ketchum is searching for his only surviving sibling when he finds a ready-made family. Rachel Cooke is stranded on the Oregon trail with three orphans and a rebellious sister, until gambler Wade Ketchum rescues them. The hardened cowboy is searching to find his long lost brother, is out of cash and has no time for a praying spinster. When Rachel runs out of options, she makes a deal. Wade must pretend to be her husband and help her reach Oregon. But somewhere along the trail, pretending becomes real. Can she help Wade realize that he still has a heart capable of love?What Reviewers Are Saying About This Western Historical Romance! 
“OMG!! This book was soooo great. I bought it this afternoon and just could not put it down until I finished. Poor Wade, who lost his whole family at such a young age. Rachel, who lost her father on the wagon train during an Indian attack.” ~~ Trish
“Enjoyed this book immensely. Author did a very good job of bringing the reader into the story. Seemed to authenically represent the 1800's male mentality of a women's place is society, and how the Rachel truly proved the men wrong time and again. Rachel and Wade had true depth of character. Strong characterizations through out the book.” ~~ Lovin’ Reading
“From the history of life, it is a tale of the journey of the Oregon Trail. All the hardships and turmoil. Awesome story with a happy ending.” ~~ LindaLew
“The story line was great. it seems so real like you were part of the book.a really nice cowboy book.” ~~ suzyz28 Download this western novel and start reading now! Read more