Author: Rimmy London

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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A new life. A clumsy stray. But when Megan decided to open a shop on the boardwalk of Seacrest... she never planned on murder.

Start yourself off with USA Today bestselling author Rimmy London's all-new series. Tour the rugged northwest Pacific coastline from the very beginning, when Megan meets a gangly stray Great Dane, Fred. He's already getting rave reviews, so go ahead, and grab your copy today.

Megan's first day running her new scooter rental shop comes with one massive hiccup. A would-be purse-snatcher dashes out the front door and Megan takes off after him. As the moment unravels, she finds it was all a harmless prank. But not everything is as harmless as it seems.When a body is found at the construction site of a high-end development, news shakes through the small town and speculation runs wild. There's the charming English woman who runs a bookstore a few doors down, the young college student Santiago who's a shameless flirt, the billionaire himself, along with the fireman, the construction crew, and the rest of the bunch. Somewhere out there is a murderer, and as she stumbles across the clues, they set their sites on Megan.

Rimmy London's cozies are always free of swearing, graphic violence, and steamy scenes. So, go ahead and turn the page, worry-free. (Also, the dog lives)