Author: Daphne Simpkins

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I grew up in a family where we wrote one another love letters. We put them on pillows, in lunch bags, by bedsides.So it was only natural that when my niece Katie asked me to compile some family recipes for her upon the occasion of her marriage that I would place those recipes alongside all the love letters I had been wanting to write and had written in the form of essays that were published in a variety of magazines and newspaper periodicals before their decline.Eating supper hasn’t declined, however, and love letters to brides and nieces have a kind of perennial value if not to the niece then to the writer of the love letter, for it feels mighty good to tell someone—lots of someones, really—how much you love them.That’s the intention of this memoir masquerading as a cook book—this series of love letters with recipes around them.My message to a bride is simple.Share love.Share recipes.Share the good times.And live as happily ever after as anyone can who knows that the daily expression of love is often the answer to the age old question: “What’s for supper?” The answer is: a perfect pan of cornbread which is only perfect if you are sharing it with your Beloved.This book is for my niece and any bride or groom who wants to share a life and supper with his or her chosen Beloved.I hope you enjoy reading A Cookbook for Katie as much as I enjoyed writing it.Five years have passed since Katie married Levi, and they are still in love. That girl can cook, too! But my beloved niece didn’t learn what she knows about cooking and love only from me.A lot of people love Katie. I hope you will too after reading this.About Daphne Simpkins: In addition to writing love letters, Daphne writes the Mildred Budge books, a series of stories about church ladies of the South. She has written about caregiving, Christmas, and even Nat King Cole. You can find out more about her by following her author pages on Amazon, BookBub, or Goodreads. Befriend her on Facebook.