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Central banks wield extraordinary power, yet most people know little about their evolution or how they help shape the world economy. That's about to change.

As a key building block of modern society, central banks have influenced the actions of governments and individuals for hundreds of years, allowing nations like the US and UK to gain financial security and rise to prominence on the world’s stage, and saving Western civilization from collapse.

But they’re largely misunderstood—and it doesn’t help that so many myths and conspiracy theories exist. Most people don’t know where the idea of central banking came from, its role in the history of our modern world, and the way it’s still shaping international events and policies today.

This book explores the journey of central banking from ancient to modern times: covering the major events, challenges, and innovations that had a hand in its development. Concise yet informative, it explains the forces that shaped central banking and the role it plays in our everyday lives, including:

How modern Europe transformed ancient banking practices to create central bankingHow central banking proved instrumental in saving Western civilization during the Great DepressionHow unconventional practices like quantitative easing and negative interest rates entered the mixHow challenges and innovations like populism, globalization, and digital currencies are changing the world of central bankingHow some of the most pervasive central banking conspiracy theories started and why they still persist todayHow central banking operates as a bedrock of our modern global economy

And much more.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge of banking practices and innovations, better understand the role of central banking in history, or simply looking to learn more about central banking as it relates to your everyday life, this book will give you a comprehensive introduction and solid foundation for future study.

As an objective overview of central banking’s history, theoretic principles, operations, and developing future, A Brief History of Central Banking is perfect for anyone interested in quickly increasing their knowledge of national and international finance.

Reading this book will help you:

Understand the forces that shaped modern bankingSpeak to modern banking practices and how they interact with government policiesDebunk common myths and conspiracy theories about central bankingEngage in discussions about the future of finance, including innovations like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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