Author: David Amir

Category: Business, Money and Jobs

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What if we could design tomorrow’s leaders in a revolutionary new way?A giant global corporation is in the midst of a serious crisis. Its brilliant CEO who was brought in to save the company, is fighting heroically but so far, his efforts have yielded little success.Luckily, a mysterious man named Adam Stone seems to have all the answers.Through patience, dedication and an original leadership and management theory, they work together with perseverance on a pilot program that may turn the situation around.The world is enshrouded in leadership darkness and the reason in not a shortage in the number of leaders…Packaged as a quality thriller with a different viewpoint, A born Leader offers a brand-new practical solution to one of the most critical problems of our generation—the dwindling of natural leadership in our world.Having successfully managed a number of large corporations and studied the subject from the inside for a long time, David Amir presents in his new book the reasons that have brought our generation into such a steep decline in leadership, and the ways in which we might be able to shape the leaders of the future, making the world a better place for us to live in.