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Dear black woman,

You are beautiful, powerful, effervescent. Yet the weight of the world seeks to dim your glow, gnaw at your strengths, and dull your spark.

Whenever you feel alone, remember that there have been many others in your shoes once. Now, look at how they shine — brimming with self-love, optimism, confidence, motivation, vigor, power, and success.

You see, there is an upside to the gloom and doom: it serves as the canvas for your light.

So, stoke the frozen embers and give way to a brighter, happier, more confident YOU with the help of “999 Powerful Affirmations for Black Women”.

Here is where you will find powerful daily affirmations to hack your mind to positivity, confidence, health, money, success, and motivation.

In this compelling book, you will find 999 affirmations that will help you to:

Put yourself firstLove yourself again after a terrible experienceBuild your strength in the midst of anxiety and stressImprove your sleep quality and rejuvenate your entire beingMake you feel beautiful againSeek joy in everything you doStep out of your comfort zone with confidence and easeStay true to your authentic self

And so much more!

Use “999 Powerful Affirmations for Black Women” by EasyTube Zen Studio to help you overcome anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and all other odds stacked against you in the modern world, so you can tower over the world like the goddess that you are!

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