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Everyone desires success and happiness. But many routinely seek a previously untold universal secret or big gold nugget solution rather than using the abundant specks of gold constituting success and happiness all around them.So, we often desire happiness and success. But don’t know what it takes.Some believe destiny is all.Others, like the author, prove that happiness and success are in your hands.What do you think?Are you happy? Successful?Are you willing to make small changes to improve your quality of life?If so, you are in luck!This book is a treasure trove of life hacks and tools to be your best self and live your best life. This book doesn’t claim to disclose a previously closely guarded, untold, universal secret, or big gold nugget solution requiring little effort, instead it is based on simple but proven and powerful, abundant, and readily available specks of gold that we often overlook or underestimate individually, but that provably combine synergistically and explosively to create breakthrough transformational change for happiness and success.You will have to engage in the activities described for self development to be more happy and successful.And this guide will show you exactly how, in a step by step, methodical, easy to understand manner.Based on conclusive scientific research and a lifetime of award-winning transformational change experience at world-leading companies, this book is presented to you in the form of 6 mega life-transforming hacks.We often waste energy on fruitless missions in search of satisfaction.With this guide, you will be able to see and think more clearly and make better judgments to achieve your life’s missions. It offers you a personal development plan, the beauty of which is the simplicity of the often- ignored abundant specks of gold from which arise such explosive mega life-transforming hacks.This personal development plan is based on the self development activities of positivity, grit, expertise, mindfulness, happiness, and clear perception and superior judgment through self-administered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).This book will help you achieve a transformational change. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.You will love this book because its strength is its simplicity, anyone can follow it, and everyone deserves an invitation to a happier and more productive life.This one is yours.So, seize opportunity and get it now because your success and happiness are definitely worth it.