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Imagine reaping all the proven health benefits of Superfoods while also getting 50 new delicious and magical Green Smoothie recipes!??? Updated 09/05/2013: New and extensive introduction to the world of powerful Superfoods and Green Smoothies included in the book.Most people have a hard time getting large amounts of raw vegetables down. The vegetables take forever to chew and don’t really taste that well. Well imagine, if you could combine the deliciousness and refreshing quality of a smoothie with the massive proven health benefits of raw green vegetables. Welcome to the world of the Green Smoothie. It’s a match made in heaven!Many people think that Superfoods are these magical and secret foods found in very exotic and obscure parts of the world. That these weird roots and berries need to be imported from halfway around the world, and therefore are very expensive and hard to find. Nothing could be further from the truth!??? Superfoods can be cheap, and easy to find in any local supermarket!Everyday examples include spinach, nuts, green tea and various berries.Buy now and start becoming healthier today!