Author: Tony Krosek

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Get The Best Out Of Life With One Simple Action A Day!

Money, Mindset, Productivity, Love, Health, Creativity, Success...

In this book, you will find 365 simple challenges that will allow you to improve your life one day at a time. No waffling. Only concrete actions in 10 categories of personal development:

Money, Love, Creativity, Mental Strength, Strategy,Efficiency, Health, Sociability, Knowledge & Altruism.

Theory is good. Action is even better!

You can read all the self-help books you want, but if it’s only theory, nothing will change in your life. To change, you must take action! The challenges of this book, simple at first, will allow you to gradually push your limits. And in one year, you will easily do things that you think you can’t do today! In one year, you will be closer to your ideal self. In one year, you will be a better version of yourself.

It will never be so much fun to UPGRADE YOUR LIFE!

Improve your life in 10 categories of personal development:

Money: Earn more money, increase your financial literacy, understand the basics of good money management, create passive income, start your business...Love: Seduce, maintain a fulfilled relationship...Mental strength: Strengthen your mind, your positive thinking, your optimism, your self-esteem, dominate your fears and your shame, overcome your limits, destroy your limiting beliefs...Strategy: Influence and convince more easily, negotiate, be a tactician and a better strategist...Health: Pay attention to your health, know your body better, eat better, be physically active...Creativity: Concrete exercises to have more ideas and be more creative...Efficiency: Better manage your time, be more focused and more efficient, produce more in less time...Sociability: Easier contact with strangers, increase your social relationships and your network...Knowledge: Expand your knowledge and curiosity, multiply new experiences, be more open and tolerant...Altruism: Helping others, developing your empathy, doing good deeds...

All areas of personal development are linked.

Regardless of the area in which you want to improve, all areas are dependent on each other. How can you become richer if you are not creative? How can you be more efficient if you are not healthy? How can you be more sociable if you are not braver? Everything is linked. Improving in one area can only be optimal when improving in each one. The challenges will help you in each category.


You’ve probably read other self-help books in the past, and you probably noticed that most of them mainly focus on theory.The risk in reading a lot of self-help books is becoming numb to them or falling into a kind of perpetual search for new theories or miracle methods. But the only true miracle method is to take action with a concrete and measurable action plan.Whether you use this book just for inspiration, to do some specific challenges, or to play the whole game, it won't be just “another self-help book”.

It’s up to you to take action!