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???You are what you eat, and true enough!???Many people in our modern, fast-paced world are unhealthy as they tend to overindulge in greasy, processed, calorie-dense foods for the sake of convenience. You can reset your body by accepting a 30-Day Whole Food. In just 30 days, you'll change your habits, learn about proper nutrition, reset your metabolism, and genuinely enjoy what REAL food tastes like.While some types of carbohydrates are healthy and good for you, there has been a tendency over the last century to consume them in excess. Worse still, an increasing amount of the food we consume is processed and highly refined. It leads to many people's health being impacted negatively, while they remain blissfully unaware and continue eating meals that are making them sick. Adverse effects can include low energy levels, random unexplained aches in the body, weight gain/difficulty losing weight, or even certain conditions, such as skin problems or problems with digestion. These may be explained through your diet, as you may be eating more wrong foods than the appropriate options.In this book, we will discuss the following items.A Complete overview of whole foodsThe rules governing the whole 30 diet planThe meal plan to followOver 600 whole food recipes to prepareAn excellent way to get back on track is to go through a total reboot. Fix your diet by changing it completely, taking away all the unhealthy options and begin eating the right foods, foods that have been proven to provide proper sustenance and aid our body's function, especially when consumed in the appropriate quantities. It is not to say that a person cannot treat themselves now and again, but for now, it will be best to cut as much unhealthy food from your life as possible, to better find out where you are in terms of nutrition and diet.Have fun and enjoy !