Author: Michael Sandels

Category: Popular Fiction

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From Michael Sandels, the best-selling author of Artism; Art is Murder and The End of the Word As We Know It; A Comic Explanation for Today’s World comes the new epic book about a futuristic America after enduring twenty years with Donald TXXXP and his family running the show, in a dangerous world at war for humanity's future.  The bad news is: the place is a catastrophic mess, a barren wasteland similar to the days of the Wild West, except now both coasts, East and West, are completely gone! In 2036, the have-nots must gut it out every day in the dangerous outdoors, suffering otherworldly, disastrous weather patterns along with the better-than-likely chance of getting shot for any reason at all. The Rich, who reside in the ten domed capital-cities (all of them able to withstand any weather catastrophe from the outside world), receive every penny in the Administration’s coffers to support their ten models of human ingenuity, these multi-mile-wide, spacious luxury domes called the capital-cities. In the book, an array of six groups of people from every walk of life in 2036-America go about their lives, striving to survive the frequent world-shaking events of the day, all the while desperately trying to figure out what happened to the entire Southern Hemisphere, which rumor has it, is completely missing! To uncover the answers, the reader is transported into the jaw-dropping, comical and satirical world of the TXXXP “Regime” (as they’re now called), including Kelly-Ann CXXXXY and Steve MXXXXR amongst others...and the ludicrous mess the Earth has become only sixteen years from our present day! Everything unravels in tragically humorous ways, with many surprises that are eerily all-too-familiar in stupidity to present-day America. At its core, 2036: The Year TXXXP Stepped Down! is the tale of our country if the TXXXP family continued on for twenty full years, and the tragic decisions made in the past (and present) which re-circle back to haunt them.Experience 2036! You’ll never view the news in the same way again!Warning: For liberals only!