Murder by Numbers

This is one murder that doesn’t add up…

Following a spectacular business failure, Clara Mitchell returns to her coastal hometown, Lemon Tree Bay, with an inglorious thud. Living with her mum and working in a hair salon, she’s determined to repay her debts and get back to glamorous city living.

When she meets poker-faced accountant Lucas Pepper, sparks fly, however, their blossoming romance slips into the red as he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his uncle.

Convinced of Lucas’s innocence, Clara locks horns with her ex-boyfriend – local bad boy turned police officer, Senior Constable Adam Billings. He’s desperate to prove Lucas guilty and protect Clara at all costs.

With evidence threatening to sink Lucas, Clara must unravel the mystery using a trusty grapevine of local gossip and her somewhat unreliable intuition. Will she save Lucas from mounting charges in time, or was Adam right all along?

Murder by Numbers is the first book in the Lemon Tree Bay Mysteries – a brand-new romantic and cosy whodunnit series by award-winning author, Megan Mayfair.

Gier (The Cardinal Brotherhood

Get ready for the next thrilling installment of the Cardinal Brotherhood.Gier and Craos are infamous in Sin City. The twin brothers who built Las Vegas from the ground up. Greed and Gluttony go hand-in-hand after all.They have never hidden in the shadows like the rest of their family, flaunting their debauchery for all to see, reveling in their unique ability to work together and create chaos.With the Cardinal Brotherhood reunited, Gier and Craos have been tasked with hunting down the Chave Da Alma. Leaving their playboy days behind, they accompany Miksa, a powerful witch and ally of the Brotherhood as they attempt to track down any and all leads.Traveling the globe, Gier and Craos find themselves enamored by the stunning voodoo priestess. They have shared everything and everyone throughout their existence, but will their feelings for Miksa strain their friendship as they endeavor to win her heart?Miksa operates in the shadows, her only allegiance is to herself. When Gier finds out her true identity, it changes everything.Will the brothers be able to work together to complete their mission, or will their feelings for the same woman rip them apart and put all of their lives in jeopardy?

*Each book focuses on a different couple, however, there is an overarching story that requires books to be read in order.
*Possible cliffhangers

The Lost Boy

The happiest-looking families sometimes hide the darkest secrets…

Things are going wrong for Olivia Shorten.
Her little boy has become withdrawn and anxious.
Her marriage is not the safe place she had believed it to be.
To top it all off, her teenage stepson has just come to live with them…and there’s something unsettling, something not-quite-right about Charlie.
Olivia had her own plan about how to fix things. After all, she’s had plenty of experience.
But then her little boy vanishes into thin air.
Frantic with fear, and with the police and the media all over her little family, Olivia is acutely conscious that everyone is hiding something.

And the nightmare is closer than she thinks…

Praise for Ruined

“Liane Moriarty, but grittier.” – Catherine Deveny, Writer, Comedian, Author and Speaker

“This is a story that will stay with me for a long time.” ????

“A well written fast paced thriller is very rare to find these days…From [the] first page I was hooked.” ?????

“Sexy and seductive. Dark and chilling. Thought provoking and challenging.” ?????

“…so gritty and emotional and so compelling.” ?????

“…like nothing I have ever read…realistic and captivating…a must read.” ?????

“… brilliantly written and really grips you, keeping you guessing until the very end. I can usually tell how it will end or whodunnit but this time no matter how convinced I was about who it was, I was wrong and I love that!” ?????

“It’s thrilling, a little scary, and intriguing…Hint: Your first, second, and third guesses are all wrong.”?????

Bewitched in Blood

I escaped death once and now the demon is back to claim my soul. The only thing standing between us is a hellhound shifter who sets my body and heart on fire…
Blood witch Topaz should be dead. She evaded the demon monster once before, with the help of the Fae Winter Court. But now the soul collector is back on the hunt and she is firmly in his sights.

Hellhound shifter Kyan’s pack owes the blood witch’s family a debt. He’s there not to kill Topaz, but to protect her from his former Otherworld masters.

But how can she trust the man with the intense green eyes—the man who ignites her body with molten heat and sets her heart fluttering—when the hellhound genes Kyan carries in his veins are the same as the creatures she’s been running from?

Will the man who has stolen her heart, also take her life?

A steamy paranormal fantasy romance, edgy and dark, perfect for fans of K.F. Breene, Dannika Dark, Jaymin Eve and Linsey Hall.

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Author’s note: This series is set in the same world as the BLOOD FAE CHRONICLES series. Read both, and enjoy!

Bewitched in Blood
Bewitched in Dreams
Bewitched in Darkness

Banshee Cry
Banshee Song
Banshee Power
Banshee Quest: Renna’s Curse

Qamar Al

Qamar Al-Zaman: A Novel by Ali Mahdi explores the dynamics between three fictional social classes differentiated by race. These races are the gray, black, and spectral-eyed peoples. In the case of the black-eyed race, there is only one, Qamar Al-Zaman. The black-eyed race voluntarily ends their life at 25-years of age, and Qamar Al-Zaman buckled down his fortitude and harnessed his ambition not to carry on the tradition. He wanted to live and live happily. He found life was met with overwhelming challenges when the color of your eyes prohibits you from venues, relationships, education, and employment opportunities that are enjoyed by the hierarchy of other eye colors, to an extent. Qamar Al-Zaman spends a great deal of time, energy, and effort coveting what others have, and the failure to acquire these things torments him as his 25th birthday looms.

“A political satire story that is easy and fun to read is a hard find–Mahdi found it.” -Reedsy

“QAMAR AL-ZAMAN is quite a dark, layered book, coming across as something of a morality tale. Comfortably readable in an hour, it’s one of those narratives that’s both stark and simplistic, but also subtle in its affecting feel.” -IndieReader