The Secret Explorers and the Comet Collision

Blast-off into space in this second adventure with The Secret Explorers, a brand-new fiction series.

This group of brilliant kids come together from all four corners of the globe to fix problems, solve mysteries, and gather knowledge all over the planet – and beyond. Whenever their help is needed, a special sign will appear on a door. They step through to the Exploration Station and receive their mission…

In The Secret Explorers and the Comet Collision, space expert Roshni leads a mission that's out of this world – literally! With rainforest expert Ollie, she is set the task of fixing the space probe orbiting Jupiter before a comet hits the planet. With the clock ticking, it's a race against time for the Secret Explorers as they dodge asteroids, complete daring spacewalks, and use all their skills to complete their mission.

Packed with fun illustrations and facts about real-life missions to Jupiter, this thrilling adventure is perfect for young readers. Informative diagrams tell kids all they need to know about important elements of the story, such as how spacesuits work. The action-packed narrative keeps kids engaged and makes learning about space even more fun!

There Are No Saints

In the summer of 1857, the Devil visited Titusville, Pennsylvania and was greeted by an exorcist with a drinking problem and a bad attitude. This is his story:
For the low price of five dollars, Dexter “Dex” James will exorcise your demons: the demon of lust, drink, and gluttony. Unfortunately, he’s new in town, and few people take him seriously. The ones that do, don’t have a dime to spare. Desperate for money, he elicits help from a boy named Boo and a beautiful woman, named Miss Leslie—she’s half his age and a prostitute, but Dex is smitten.
After performing a supposed miracle, Dex becomes the talk of Titusville. His billfold and ego grow with each exorcism. Only Miss Leslie’s love could make him happier. However, when an evil entity threatens a young girl, Dex must make a choice: take the coward’s way out or stay and fight?

The Invitation

God can use ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

A TV news producer., a housewife and mother of two, an ex-governor, and a struggling writer. Four ordinary people with little in common other than a vague dissatisfaction with their lives, and an unpretentious invitation that seems to come out of nowhere.

Each dismisses the mysterious invitation as a practical joke. But when strange—some might even call them miraculous—things start happening, all four find themselves embarking on a journey that takes them beyond their wildest imaginings and tests their faith to the breaking point. Before it’s over, each discovers that, with God, nothing is impossible. Faith can move mountains if you open your heart to the One who has called you.

No Feelings Allowed

On the outside, former MVP wide-receiver turned successful entrepreneur, OB Daniels, is a player. A self-proclaimed dog. Carson Hollister, OB’s best friend, is the only one who knows the truth—it’s the size of OB’s heart that’s the problem. Once he falls, the woman he falls for becomes the center of his universe.
No matter what she does.

It’s why OB does his damndest to avoid it.

Enter Samantha Norwood.

Legends Reborn

Die, reincarnate, repeat. It’s been a long fifteen hundred years…

After centuries of deaths and rebirths, wizard Emma Hale—formerly known as Merlin—wants nothing more than to find the present incarnation of King Arthur and break the spell binding their souls in this morbid cycle.

Too bad she has no idea how she cast that spell in the first place. Oh, and she’s also got to fend off the shadow creatures aiming to kill Arthur all over again. Which might be easier if Arthur’s current host wasn’t so cocky yet distractingly good-looking that Emma is falling even harder for the man she can’t have.

Now that Arthur’s spirit is awakening, every creature of darkness in a thousand-mile radius is slavering for a taste. Worse, a merciless adversary from Emma’s past has reappeared, intent on destroying them both—for good. But the quest to finally free their souls will unearth secrets that could shatter Emma and her king before their enemies even have the chance.

This omnibus edition contains all three books in the Legends Reborn trilogy: Magic Waking, Soul’s Blade, and Dragon of Destiny. It also includes four never-before-seen bonus scenes, giving readers a look inside Darton’s point of view and a glimpse of the characters’ future.