Framed for murderHe’s offered a way outHe just has to do a little job.Riley “Bear” Logan returns in Blowback, the latest installment in the Jack Noble thriller world. While recuperating on the tranquil island of St. Lucia, Bear’s world is turned upside down when he is framed for murder. A nemesis returns offering immunity…So long as Bear does a job.Get in. Get the package. Get out. Easy as that.But nothing is ever that simple for Bear, and he soon finds himself in the center of a web of corruption and deceit as the operation threatens to suffocate him.Unable to ignore his duty to those he has vowed to help, Bear races to untangle a nefarious plot capable of impacting the free world.Fans of Crais’s Joe Pike and Clancy’s John Clark will enjoy the Bear Logan as he strikes out on his own in this fast-paced thriller.

Fletch’s Moxie

Ms. Moxie Mooney is Hollywood royalty—and she’s in trouble.At the summons of his on-again, off-again lover, Fletch drops in on Moxie’s film set, located in sunny Florida. If being called up for help by the box office beauty isn’t work enough, Steve Peterman, Moxie’s sleazy manager, is murdered while the cameras are rolling, and no one managed to see a thing. Despite the obvious lack of evidence, the rumor mill is still quick to churn up a potentially plausible suspect: Moxie.Realizing the need for a little R&R away from prying eyes, he hastily flies Moxie and her drunken father off to Key West. But trouble follows Fletch, in every sense of the word, and soon enough he’s playing host to a full house of Hollywood’s brightest.In true Fletch style, he delves into the investigation, dodging police inquiry, betting on race horses, taking a leisurely sail, and talking up his elite houseguests to get the dirt and solve this perplexing murder.

Red Square

Team Cinderella has been sent into Russia to “fake” an assassination of a Russian Deputy Minister, in order to cover up the fact of his defection to the United States. They accomplish the mission, but then are compromised during their own escape and captured. They are quickly disavowed by the US Secretary of State, and sentenced to a public execution in Red Square only a week hence.Noah, at Neil’s urging, convinces Allison to let Team Camelot put together a fast rescue mission, but complications require Noah and Marco to break into Lefortovo Prison, where they are also captured.Also disavowed, Noah and the rest seem to be doomed, but Sarah and Neil defy orders to launch a rescue mission of their own. Desperate for help that is refused by E & E, Sarah reaches out to the one person she swore she would never trust: Monique, the former mole who once arranged for her capture and torture at the hands of the Chinese. It’s a race against time and seemingly impossible odds, with no way to predict what may happen next.


Jessie is book three in bestselling author Lori Wick’s popular new Big Sky Dreams series (more than 215,000 copies sold). Readers will be transported to the vast landscape of Montana Territory in the late 1800s where they meet Jessie Wheeler, whose husband, Seth, abandoned her before their second child was born. As a single mom and the sole proprietor of Token Creek’s general store, Jessie lives day to day with her hands full and her heart broken.When Seth suddenly returns to town claiming he’s a man changed by faith, Jessie is reluctant to trust him or God with her family’s future. But Seth sets out to prove his commitment and his love. This is a timeless story of the transforming power of God’s love and forgiveness.

Think. Act. Prosper

The path to success is only achieved through action. What many people struggle with is to understand that success comes from the small things – those daily habits – and not just big actions alone. The little details matter. In THINK. ACT. PROSPER. How Small Habits Can Lead to Massive Success a valuable opportunity exists to learn about the qualities of a successful person’s life. It all begins in how one thinks and acts – in all areas of their life. Would you like to achieve the mindset that gives you confidence over fear? Clarity over confusion? Inspiration over ideas, alone? If that sounds good to you, it is no accident that you’ve come across this book. Topics in this book include:• The importance of answering your “WHY?”•Integrating visualization into many areas of your life so it is always in motion for you•What is EQ and why it’s even more important than IQ•Time management strategies and how to create plans that you do complete•How to execute on your goals in big, bold, and effective ways•Building up momentum and keeping it firing in your daily life•The real meaning of wealth•Finding the balances that give you a healthy mind, body, and drive•The necessity of gratitude, appreciation, and good deeds in your lifePutting all these things into motion at one time is not only possible, it’s also easier to do than you may have ever believed! The buzz on how this works has people talking—and reading. Are you ready for massive success? Yes! Then you’re ready to dive into this book and take the 3-day challenge.