Healthy Meal Planning for Beginners

This cookbook includes:
• 3 complete meal plans—from shopping lists to prep directions. Comprehensive meal prep guides walk you through each dish
• customizable plans for 21 days—switch up the different plans with a variety of tasty, meal prep ready recipes
• nutritional info and food storage guidelines for all of the breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and healthy desserts
• 50 Easy Recipes
• complete shopping lists

My High School Rebel Boyfriend

He’s a rebel with a cause…
to make my life a misery

Mitchell Finlayson has it in for me
All because I snitched on him
Well, he deserved it, but I didn’t count on his punishment being to help the volleyball team.
Now he seems to be there at every turn,
Pushing me
Taunting me
Trying to break me…
As if I don’t have enough issues
Trying to manage my diabetes

Yeah, Mitchell acts tough,
Like he’s a bad boy
But he has secrets
Can it be that the boy with the cold, hard heart
Is hiding a softer side?

The Silvan Saga

Treachery made him an orphan. Destiny would make him a legend. Only death can stop him from uniting the Elvenking’s realm. The hunt begins.

An immortal warrior joins his first patrol into the Deep Forest as a recruit. Fel’annár learns of brotherhood and battle with Sand Lord and Deviants. But with his first kill, a new ability emerges, one he cannot control. His shrouded past is emerging and for some, it is only a matter of time before the enemy hunts him down.

Treachery made him an orphan, but destiny would make him a legend, if he can survive the onslaught of a ruthless conspirator who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal: the Elvenking’s throne.

For fans of David Eddings and Terry brooks, Final Fantasy and Lord of the Rings. Get the first three books in the ongoing high fantasy series The Silvan Saga.

Included in this collection:

Path of a Novice
Road of a Warrior (BIBA 2018 award for best fantasy)
Dawn of a Legend

Dead and Gone to Bell

A gripping crime mystery that will make your jaw drop. Investigative reporter, Samantha Bell, knows the end is near. But when young women are suddenly being targeted by a mysterious serial killer who leaves little clues behind, Samantha pushes her way into the biggest murder investigation of her life. Four crime-solving women set out on an exhilarating adventure to stop a serial killer before tragedy strikes again. On a mission to tell the story to save her career, nothing is as it seems. Met by terrifying roadblocks, Samantha needs a win. Willing to do whatever it takes, she and her friends risk their lives to work together and sift through the lies and deception that seem to be waiting for them around every turn. Shocking twists and page-turning suspense from beginning to end. It’s a race against the clock to catch the killer and just when it seems another victim’s life will be claimed, Samantha receives an anonymous message saying she will be the one to solve the case. Suddenly, the game has changed. When someone close to Samantha appears to be the next target, all rules are off the table and anything goes. If you like Melinda Leigh and James Patterson, you won’t be able to put down the pulse-pounding Samantha Bell series.

Beverly Hills Demon Slayer

New York Times bestselling series!All that glitters is not gold…Demon slayer Lizzie Brown isn’t exactly a diamonds and champagne type of girl. But when an ancient cult becomes the “in” thing in Beverly Hills, she realizes there’s more to it than youth potions, parties, and priceless Egyptian artifacts. There’s a demon involved…and Lizzie’s not on the guest list.She goes in undercover, along with her sexy Greek shape-shifter husband, her biker witch buddies, and a dog that is way too fond of free appetizers and the red carpet lifestyle. Between dodging detection and uncovering ancient secrets, Lizzie has her hands full. And when the demon manages to hook his claws into Lizzie’s eternal soul, she’s afraid she may be stepping out for her final event.