Avenging Angels: Guns of Legion

There’s a monster in Lone Jack, Wyoming, and when Reno Bass and his twin sister, Sara, arrive to collect the bounty on the beast’s head, all hell breaks loose. When the smoke from the twins’ ’58 Remington cap and ball revolvers clear, a dying tattooed man threatens them with the guns of Legion.

Taken prisoner at Chronicle Rock by a giant named Elisha and the mysterious Charlie Bratt, King of Swallows, Reno and Sara are led to the Bar Seven ranch where Mendelssohn Jobe’s twisted circus is camped. Ranch owner Ben Huddleston has a soft spot for Sara that’s not forgiving enough to overlook the tattooed man’s murder. After fighting a machete-crazed wildling named Lillith and wrestling a lion, the twins escape from the Bar Seven and resume their hunt for the beast.

But at the Bar Seven, Mendelssohn Jobe takes over the ranch in a vicious midnight attack. Huddleston needs Reno and Sara’s gun hands to save the day. Leading the stricken Rancher in a guerrilla war against the deadly menagerie, Reno and Sara race the clock to reclaim the ranch and save a dead man’s widow from a heinous fate.

Alpha Geek: Knox

Lioness shifter Scarlett Milan hates that she wants her boss more than her next breath. All she thinks about is how his black-rimmed glasses and bow tie are sexier on him than any other man. But since he’s human, she’s afraid she could break him, even kill him, during a night of wild sex.
Knox Daniels, wimpy bean counter, has lusted after Scarlett since the moment he met her. The fact she’s his best friend’s little sister has stopped all dirty thoughts. Well, almost. After he breaks up with his girlfriend, getting his hands on Scarlett is the first thing on his to-do list. Being murdered was not.
A vicious attack almost kills Knox, but science comes to the rescue. Now he’s no longer the weak human Scarlett was afraid to touch. Actually, no one knows what he is except possessive, aggressive, and demanding she be his. They’ll have to team up to keep him alive while figuring out if he’s a deranged killer or just the most powerful alpha ever known.

Wild Irish (Boxed Set)

A sexy dominant professor, a bad boy rock star, second chance romance, and the hottest high school reunion in history, this boxed set has enough heat to melt your e-reader.Come MondayForbidden fruit is always the sweetest.Keira recognizes daydreaming about her sexy professor is cliche, but that doesn’t help curb her fantasies of Professor Wallace bending her over his desk night after night.Will Wallace has never been tempted by a student…until Keira. Now he’s willing to break all the rules, offering sweet punishments and sweeter rewards. His sexual authority slowly strips away some of her precious control.But that’s the one thing Keira’s not ready to relinquish…Ruby TuesdayHe wants so much more than just her music…Bad boy rocker Sky Mitchell wants to buy Teagan’s song. Only it’s not for sale.Neither is she, but that doesn’t stop him from challenging her to a contest, a game of winner take all.Waiting for WednesdayLane used to be hands off and Tris knew it. He followed the rules and left her alone. Now she’s back and the game has changed.When Lane returned, she believed she could resist the far-too-sexy Tris. A life of disappointment had destroyed her ability to love, to trust a man.Or so she thought.Sweet ThursdayLily intends to rewrite the past at her high school reunion. When she was younger, she was too shy to act on her feelings, but she’s all grown up now. And ready to take what she wants. Even if it’s only for one night.Soldiers Justin and Killian are blown away when quiet Lily proposes a night too tempting, too hot to resist. But just one no-holds-barred, explosive evening with the stunning woman will never be enough.

Buried Secrets

Pigeon Bay is a safe, peaceful town. That is until a woman goes missing.

Samantha and Jonathan Winters arrive for a real estate convention and photoshoot. Will Jonathan’s pictures reveal more than he realizes?

Nina Dupree, a private investigator, and friend of the Chief of Police will lend a hand to help solve the case. Is this victim’s evidence tied to another unsolved event her father was examining?

What secrets are the members of the Belmonte family hiding? Another mansion full of buried mysteries is waiting, but will they remain so?

The Art of Productivity

Have you ever felt pressed for time and had too much to do that you were unable to accomplish everything? Perhaps you felt crushed under the weight of the burden of expectations of people in your family, at work, or in your friendship circle and you were unsure of what to do. With all these situations, time management is key to the success of your endeavors. Time Management is something that comes easy for a few and is quite hard for all the rest of us. Not every one of us is a Type A or J on the Myers-Brigg with the organizational skills to get things done quickly and expediently. Most of us need some help in this area by getting us to where we need to be. We need to have a guide to help us reach our goals, and we need someone or something to lead us there. That is where this book comes in. We’re going to tell you all about time management.In this book, you will discover what time management is, how you can be a better manager of your time, how you can plan your daily activities, games, and schedule, as well as tools that will help you make the most of every minute that you have in your week. Everyone has 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. It’s what you do with the time and how you use it that counts. You’ve got to make the most of your time on earth. The YOLO lifestyle has become a popular trend in today’s society, and it’s true; you only live once. Therefore, you must make the most of your everyday life, so you can get all the best of life’s benefits.To learn more, download this book and see how you can be the best manager of your time, become the most successful person you can be, and live the life you were meant to live.For a more detailed look at the contents of the book, you will be given a comprehensive overview:What Is Time Management?Effective PlanningSetting GoalsSetting DeadlinesDelegate Responsibilities to OthersPrioritizing TasksResults of Highly Effective Time ManagementSay “No” More OftenStart Early on Tasks and Get Up EarlyTurn Your Daily Tasks into RoutinesMono-task. Don’t Multitask Get Enough Sleep at Night Be Aware of Your Time on the Internet, Watching TV, or Using Social MediaKnow How Long It Takes to Complete a TaskDo Something While You’re WaitingMake Commitments and Stick to ThemPut Related Tasks TogetherAllow Yourself to Do Nothing from Time to TimeTime Management Daily PlannerFive Good Reasons to Use a PlannerLet’s Look at How to Do ItDaily Planner: Do It Minute by MinuteDaily Planner: It All Starts with Microsoft ExcelMonthly Calendar PlannersTime Management GamesTime Management: Break the Ice at Your WorkplaceWhat I Did YesterdayEnergy Level and Circadian RhythmTime Management: The ClockSchedules for Different Kinds of PeopleTime Management SkillsGoal-SettingSelf-AwarenessMotivationFocus and ConcentrationDecision-MakingCommunication SkillsStress ManagementTime Management Tools Give People Joy and Gratitude!Scroll Up and Click the Buy Now Button to Get Your Copy!Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats – Black and White and Full-color. Choose the best for you;* Full-color edition – Simply press “See all formats and versions” above the price. Press left from the “paperback” button;* Black and White version – is the default first.