365 Journal Writing Ideas

Follow the undated daily journal writing prompts & weekly actions in this book to fill your journal to the point of bursting. Filled with memories, self-reflection, ideas, inspiration, creativity, experiences, achievements, gratitude, short stories, photographs, goals and direction. Unlock the potential of your journal and enjoy some time for yourself.Journal Writing Tips & Tricks. Learn how to beat the blank page to start your journal writing practice, how to make the time to write, how to organize your journal/diary, find ideas on how to add visual interest to your journal, discover a collection of alternative journal prompts, a photography challenge checklist, and more. Click on the book cover to have a look inside.365 Journaling Prompts & Questions. Enjoy a years-long guided journal writing course for self exploration through daily writing prompts. To help you use your journal/diary as a place to remember where you have been (memoir), appreciate where you are now (gratitude) and decide on where you are going (goals). Not only helping you gain clarity, closure and purpose but also resulting in your very own mini memoir or life journal keepsake. Mixed in amongst the reflective journal writing questions are creative writing prompts, light hearted questions and short story writing idea generator tables to help get your creative writing juices flowing and to have some fun with your journal.52 Weekly Actions. Feel like you are stuck in a bit of a rut? Looking to boost your self confidence by expanding your comfort zone? Or do you want some new experiences to write about? Along with your trusty journal, complete one action each week over the 365 days to make the next 52 weeks of your life just that little bit more interesting. For example: Week 30 – Send someone a gift without them knowing it is from you. Report back to journal.***BONUS***Over 400 Quotes. A quote collection of over 400 quotes and proverbs ordered by subject, from adventure to writing. To be used as an extra source of inspiration, wisdom and starting points for your journaling practice. After all, who doesn’t love a quote collection? Is This Journal Writing Book For You?Are you intimidated by the blank page?Is your journal writing becoming repetitive?Are you looking to find some direction and start setting goals?Are you a writer or blogger who wants to knock the wind out of writer’s block?Have you found it difficult maintaining a journal writing practice?Do you want to create a record of your life in a life journal?Are you looking for a creative outlet?Do you enjoy creative and short story writing?Do you feel a need to clear out and process some mental clutter?Have you built up a collection of blank journals because you are scared of ruining them?Have you googled ‘how to write a journal?’ or ‘how to write a diary?’ but still don’t know where to start?If so, this book is for you. NOTE: The journal prompts & actions in this book are not dated so you can start from journaling prompt No.1 & weekly action No.1 at any point in the year. You can also pick and choose the prompts at random if you are looking for an occasional resource to help beat writer’s block.No Kindle? No problem. You don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books, you can buy 365 Journal Writing Ideas today to enjoy it instantly on the FREE Kindle app for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. So you could use this book with your journal to do some journaling curled up in bed, on your lunch break at work, at a coffee shop or even learn how to journal at the beach (lucky you). So are you ready? Let’s get journaling…10% of proceeds from 365 Journal Writing Ideas are donated to The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Scandal, Temptation & a Taste of Flan

Book #3 in the Marian Moyer series!Visit writerlust.com if you’re interested in marketing your own self-published novel.Book #3 in the Marian Moyer series. Kidnapped. Nearly murdered – twice. Marian Moyer has spent the last few months avoiding any and all drama. Save for that time she decided whether she’d turn up the heat with smoldering James Holden or heart-stopping Mika Andrushkiv.Unfortunately, Marian’s drama-free days are over with the arrival of Hollywood starlet Carmen Suarez. Brought in to model for Food Porn, Carmen’s face on the magazine cover will host benefits that, until now, Marian has only dreamt about. If she can just survive Carmen’s attitude, that is.But when Carmen turns up dead and all fingers point to Marian’s BFF and business partner, Addison Dawes, Marian is forced to uncover the real truth behind Carmen’s death. Of course, what she finds brings several long-buried secrets to the surface – secrets that might have been better left unknown.Visit allisonjanda.com

A Case of Blackmail in Belgravia

It’s 1929, and Ticky Maltravers is the toast of London high society, adored by everyone—or so it seems, until somebody poisons him over dinner. Now it turns out that numerous people with secrets to hide had every reason to wish him dead. But which of them murdered him? For Freddy Pilkington-Soames, newspaper reporter and man-about-town, the question hits a little too close to home, thanks to an unfortunate drunken encounter with Ticky’s corpse which he’d much rather the police didn’t find out about—and thanks also to his exasperating mother Cynthia’s seeming determination to get herself arrested by tampering with the evidence. But a pretty girl with big blue eyes is demanding his help in solving the mystery, so what can he do but agree? Now all he has to do is hide the wrong clues, find the right ones, and unmask the murderer before the police discover what’s really been going on. That ought to be easy enough. If only people didn’t keep getting killed…

Hairy Potter and the Sourcer’s Secret

A hero must rise to subdue the increase of evil and corruption in a dystopian society nestled betwixt folklore and science; between magic and mayhem.In a village half a world away from the magic realm of Harry Potter, are the citizens of Golden Valley. As their surroundings become more wicked and violent, their only hope is a hero— the One, an anointed champion prophesied by the ancients in a mysterious object known as the Sourcer’s Secret.A mild-mannered, unassuming potter’s son has dreams of becoming a valiant, mystic warrior— one who escapes danger, rescues innocents, and rights wrongs. Hairy Potts is a wog, however, not a warrior… and the twain can never exchange roles… or can they?When a rogue warrior, known as the Dragon, escapes the Provincial Prison, his mystic powers and dark arts, along with politburo backing, may prove too much for the inhabitants of Golden Valley to combat.If ever there was a time for true mystic power to arise, it is now. A hero must emerge.Will Hairy muster the stamina and endurance to overcome? Can he even find the courage to survive? Begin a Mystic Journey and Grab Your Copy Today!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

From Multi-Million-Copy Bestselling author Willow Rose comes an engrossing mystery full of stunning twists and turns. Discover the author everyone’s talking about and find out why fans call her The Queen of Scream!Emma Frost inherits a house on Fanoe Island when her grandmother dies. She decides to move there with her family, much to her teenage daughter’s regret.One morning a wealthy older woman in her street is found murdered and soon Emma finds herself wrapped in a mystery uncovering the island’s dark secrets reaching into her own family.From the author of the Amazon Bestselling Rebekka Franck-series comes a new mystery destined to keep you up all night. This is a book that you can’t put down! WARNING: Graphic violence.What readers say:- A great start to a new series!- This is a terrific story, horror, psychological thriller, murder mystery all rolled into one.- The ending was totally unexpected. #1 Bestseller + series sold in more than 1.000.000 copies.This is a book that you can’t put down! Grab a copy today.