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Do you want to learn how to make your very own all-natural, chemical free lotion bars? Are you fed up with buying bottles of lotion that are mostly water and harmful chemicals? Lotion bars are incredibly simple to make, packed with healthy, natural ingredients and very safe to use. They are also extremely portable and cost-effective.? This book was written for you!In this handy step-by-step guide you will learn all you need to know about making fun, healthy, organic lotion bars. I’ll teach you about all the best ingredients and their benefits, the benefits of using lotion bars, how to use them, and the mistakes you should avoid when making them. Lotion bars are genius, they are simply lotion in a solid form and can be made with completely organic and all natural ingredients – coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, hemp oil, olive oil, beeswax, essential oils, and more. Not only are they healthier for you to use than standard lotion, but they also have a whole host of beneficial uses – you can use them to treat skin conditions, improve your skin, apply as bug repellants and even assist in effective pain relief.What you will learn:? The difference between a lotion bar and a soap bar. ? Why homemade lotion bars are about a million times better than commercial lotions! ? The best way to use a lotion bar and ideas for taking them on the go. ? What you need to get going – the ingredients and supplies you'll need to get started. ? 20 different recipes you can easily make at home.? Tips and tricks – what you should and shouldn’t do in the lotion bar making process. Some of the most popular recipes of this book include:The Amazing Bronzing BarThe Biggest Bug Repellant BarThe Very Vanilla Bean Latte BarA Great Grapefruit and Lime BarCharlie's Chocolate BarAnd many more!Lotion bars are simple to make, cost effective, and extremely beneficial for your skin. By the end of this guide, you will be an expert artisan in the creation of all natural lotion bars. This skill can go beyond simply helping yourself. It will also allow you to help others by teaching them how to make amazing lotion bars or you can generously give them away as thoughtful little gifts to your friends and family.Are you ready to learn how to make amazing all-natural lotion bars in the comfort of your own home? Then go ahead and grab a copy of my book so we can get going!Serena Day was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 1980. She is professional non-fiction author with a passion for creating exceptional guides centered around environmental topics, natural recipes and eco-friendly arts and crafts. Serena’s other passions include, cooking, hiking, reading and riding her electric moped around town. When it comes to her published titles, her main goal is to help her readers to live better lives through hands-on-learning and self-discovery. Her other published works include the popular “Cooking for Kids: A Healthy Vegan Cookbook With 25 Recipes Kids Love,” and “Herbal Medicine for Everyone: The Beginner's Guide to Healing Common Illnesses with 20 Medicinal Herbs” available now in the Amazon Kindle store.