Author: Sylvia Becker-Hill

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Women are on the rise as leaders everywhere: within our communities, families, corporate departments, and entire corporations. Women are designed to lead. Leadership is built into their biology, psychology, and modern-day sociology. Yet, how we are taught to lead is by old, outdated, patriarchal principles. Principles and ideas that say the more male, the more showy, the more (insert your word here) - is the only way to “win” at being a leader. Instant Insights on…12 Leadership Powers for Successful Women is designed to reawaken the leader within by empowering you to shed the unsustainable ways of the “Superwoman” and embrace your true strength as simply, woman. Each chapter shares brain hacks you can use to overcome fear, shame, and doubt that are holding you back, including a power statement to rewire your brain. These 12 Leadership Powers will let you step into the EVElutionary™ Life, you were made for.