Author: Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana

Category: General Nonfiction

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“Studies have shown that children are more active and successful in school when parents are interested in their learning and homework.”

In 101 Tips for Helping With Your Child’s Learning, author Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana provides valuable teaching resources and study tips to parents, which she learned in over a decade helping children and their parents with school success, faster reading and accelerated learning.

In this helpful kids behavior improvement guide, you will learn powerful methods any parent can use to raise intelligent kids, with advanced study skills and reading comprehension abilities:

How to improve grades and keep kids more interested in school
How to use positive parenting and reassurance to help children learn faster
How parents can recognize clues that a child needs additional help in school
Proven tips for teaching kids to read better, write better and increase vocabulary
Easy methods to improve spelling for kids
How to use total learning environment at home to help children do better in school
Teaching math to children at home, even if you struggle with math yourself
101 Tips for Helping With Your Child’s Learning is an easy to follow, step by step guide filled with learning and study tips that will not only help your kids focus, but encourage them to read, strengthen study skills, and help them succeed in school.

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