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Are your characters...always sighing and nodding?Did you just sigh and nod? If so, this handy little booklet is for you!Sometimes as a new (or even experienced) author, you can't think of just the right action for your character's body in a particular scene, and you need something to get the creative juices flowing.This is a quick and easy reference tool just for that purpose.Jam-packed with a list of 1,000 physical reactions a character can have, organized by body part, you'll never be left scratching your head when you need to find just the right way to describe your character's reactions.Grab the book now!


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Forehead wrinkling

Forehead slicking with sweat

Slapping or hitting forehead with palm

Banging forehead against a surface

Wiping moisture off forehead

Pressing fingers against forehead

Tapping forehead with pencil or finger

Forehead baking with a fever

Resting forehead in hand(s)

Splaying back of hand on forehead as if faint

Poking forehead with thumb to jog memory

Banging forehead with fists to stop crazy thoughtsIndie Author Resources Book 1

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