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Whether you speak online or in person, can you imagine yourself as a more confident public speaker? What difference could appearing more confident make to your career, to your business, or to your life? See it. Be it. Achieve it. If you can imagine how to appear confident when you speak (see it), then take on that appearance (be it), you can start to feel more confident (achieve it).  And, then feeling more confident will increase your vision of yourself as a confident speaker, causing you to act even more confident. Complete with illustrated tips, 100 Tips & Tricks will help you learn quick techniques (most no more than 5 minutes long to apply) to appear confident in presentations, to help you to act confidently, and ultimately to help you feel more confident. The tips are divided into 5 sections: Section 1: How You Prepare to be Confident (before you present) Section 2: How You are Seen (body language and facial expressions) Section 3: How You are Heard (voice and language) Section 4: How You Answer Questions (handling the Q&A session) Section 5: How You Present Virtually (presenting on video calls) Open this book to any page and find an actionable tip to guide you to act confidently:Tip #5: Just BreatheTip #16: Create a 5-Minute Speaker Warm-UpTip #24 Have a Tech Failure Recovery ProcessTip #34 Be More Confident in 10 SecondsTip #42 Use Notes ConfidentlyTip #50 Gesture in the ZoneTip #58 Pause and Connect with Your EyesTip #73 Reduce Ahs, Ums, & Filler WordsTip #83 Q&A: Have a Response FrameworkTip #97 On Video: Look at the WebcamBecome the confident speaker you were meant to be when you try out some of these confidence hacks.