Rejecting The Alien Billionaire Prince (Alien Billionaire Prince Saga Book 1)

Rejecting The Alien Billionaire Prince (Alien Billionaire Prince Saga Book 1)
: Van Hill Millvele
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: Fiction : Romance
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Rejecting the Alien Billionaire
Prince: Book One: “A Clean Dystopian Romance with some Comedic Elements”
By Van Hill Millvele

One: Alien Billionaire Prince Saga

Young Professor Quigly Mortimer
is morally against the Mark of ugliness. He is desperately trying to save his sister Lina, who was given the Mark and taken.
A Mark that leads women who do
not meet the planet’s strict beauty codes to workhouse-like sweatshops.
His assistant professor and close friend Reden introduces him to Zill, a woman who needs his help. Reden has secrets and her own agenda. The only other option for Zill is to be the mistress of the muscle-bound billionaire alien prince.

Quigly finds Zill brave and a woman he could find himself falling in love with.
All Zill wants is her freedom, a good man, and chicken nuggets.

What if what society said was ugly was a different kind of beauty?
Zill is an unconventional beauty who needs a fake engagement or to receive a third mark, which would leave her tortured because of her choices to have an unaltered appearance and because of who her father is politically.

If you are looking for
a bad boy romance this is not the book for you. This novel contains no cheating jerks and is clean. This race is like Furry Aliens. Reden a Bunny race of humanoids. The Alien Prince is half Human and half Ceartini and looks, part man but Tiger.
This book is a clean dystopian
romance book with a little bit of dark humor. It has anthropomorphic aliens.

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