Join the K.L.U.B. - No Bullying Allowed: Activity Book for Kids Ages 4-8

Join the K.L.U.B. - No Bullying Allowed: Activity Book for Kids Ages 4-8
: April Cox
: Little Labradoodle Publishing
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: Kids : General
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Almost half of the children being bullied never report it. Could yours be one of them?

This activity book opens the door for family discussions on this important topic. 

Filled with activities with varying level of difficulty including coloring, mazes, word search, crossword puzzles, matching, drawing, journaling and more.

Children ages 4-8 will enjoy the companion story book, which is available for FREE download with your purchase.

Kids learn actionable steps to create a safe space where all are welcome, and no bullying is allowed.

The secrets to success lie in the KLUB.  K = Kindness, L= Love U=Unity and B=Bravery

What are others saying?

"My Autistic son really loves The Little Labradoodle series. As a child who has issues with fine motor skills, he identifies with being bullied and excluded. The companion coloring/activity book challenges him. He is coloring and even writing stories. I am so happy!"
                  -- Diana, Mother of 2

"I was looking for a book that could be used as part of my bullying prevention program at school. Join the K.L.U.B. – No Bullying Allowed is the perfect complement and allows us to talk about the characters in the context of what we are learning. I highly recommend it! " – Alicia S, Teacher

"Bullying is a necessary topic to be explored with children. The behavior can have a huge impact on both those being bullied and those doing the bullying. Introducing this topic early on (prior to middle school) allows understanding and empathy, inclusion and perspective-taking to occur BEFORE it becomes a huge issue and can reduce the development of it. This book is helpful for parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and psychologists to help introduce the topic, promote the development of an understanding of why it happens, and to reach tangible tools to deal with bullying in an empathic and community-building way. I highly recommended The Little Labradoodle Series”.  Dr. Stacy Zlotnick, Clinical Psychologist

Parents, teachers, and homeschoolers - grab your copy of the book. Visit the author’s web site for a free curriculum, printables, and ideas that will make a difference at home, at school, and within the community. 

Together we CAN make a difference!

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