Holiday Hearts: Christmas in Lonely Hearts

Holiday Hearts: Christmas in Lonely Hearts
: Joann Baker, Patricia Mason
: Blush Publishing
: 138
: Fiction : Romance
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Elizabeth Dalton thought she knew all about love. After all, she wrote romance novels for a living. It wasn’t until she met Christmas-hating cowboy, Lang Paxton, that she realized love couldn’t be described by words on a page—it was a feeling of the heart. One that, like Christmas, would grow brighter each year.

Lang Paxton didn’t need or want a prissy novelist staying at his ranch—especially not at the time of year he most hated—but he couldn’t say no to his only sister. Beth Dalton certainly wasn’t the mousy bookworm he’d expected and she soon had him doing things—Christmassy things—and actually enjoying them.

Can two lonely hearts find the joy of Christmas—and possibly a happily-ever-after?

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