Adventures: 3 Books - Linnet and the Prince, Bauldr's Tears, Amatus

Adventures: 3 Books - Linnet and the Prince, Bauldr's Tears, Amatus
: Alydia Rackham
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: Fiction : General
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Young Princess Linnet has been given a grave task. If she succeeds, it could end her life. If she fails, it could destroy her people. She must kill a prince. But first, she must marry him.
Prince Rajak of the Badi, son of the conquering desert king, has given Linnet's kingdom an ultimatum: give him a princess for his bride, or be slaughtered. Linnet volunteers, to save her people. Her mother, however, sees an opportunity. She secretly instructs Linnet to gain Rajak's trust, and then assassinate him. Now, Linnet is forced to live among foreigners and enemies, married to a man she hates. But what if that begins to change? Will she still have the willpower to carry out her mother's command?
When young, solitary archaeologist Marina Feroe meets a beautiful young man with an interest in Norse myths, she believes her life has turned for the better. But the last thing she expects, when she sneaks after him into the woods one night, is that he is actually Bauldr, younger son of Odin.
Days later, winter suddenly descends.
Bauldr has been killed.
Marina is the only one who knows how to bring him back—but to do so she must travel all through Midgard, with Hel’s wolves on her heels.
She has no choice but to bargain help from the only one who will listen:
Loki, the Mischief Maker.
The one who murdered Bauldr.
Crispian has lived in the city of Tutus all his life. He is used to the darkness that always cloaks the world, broken only by the lamps that huddle in the streets and winding alleys. He knows what it is to live in a segregated quarter, away from the prejudiced Rubrum race. He takes comfort in the company of his few friends, and the Minister--the only people who do not look twice at his missing eye and hand. But when he allows a young woman named Aiva to enter his life--a Rubrum, no less--Crispian comes under attack by forces he can neither see nor understand. Aiva assures him that she knows a place where he can find sanctuary from all of them. Can Crispian trust her to guide him safely out of Tutus, through the cursed ruins of an ancient city and the depths of an evil forest, to a realm that promises to be more wonderful than he can imagine? Or should he believe everything he's ever been taught, and return home before Aiva and the force behind the mysterious light on the horizon lead him to his death?

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