49 Books Western Sweet inspirational Romances 7 Complete Series Mega Box Set (Mega Box Set Series Book 14)

49 Books Western Sweet inspirational Romances 7 Complete Series Mega Box Set (Mega Box Set Series Book 14)
: Katie Wyatt, Kat Carson, Brenda Clemmons, Ellen Anderson
: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
: 0
: Fiction : Romance
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49 Books! More than 700,000 words! 7 Complete Series Mail-order brides, Contemporary and Historical Western Romance …

This box set has exactly that, 49 times over! That’s right! 49 chances for heart-pounding action, true love, and characters so real they’ll walk off the pages and right into your heart. As the temperatures drop and the winds blow, you won't find a better collection to keep you warm inside.

Included books are:

1. Bonanza Brides Find Prairie Love Series

Book 1 Secret’s
Book 2 Bobbed
Book 3 Broken Love
Book 4 The School Master
Book 5 Vagabond Heart
Book 6 Mary’s English Gentleman
Book 7 The Lost Bride
Book 8 Belle’s Train
Book 9 Fallacies of Love
Book 10 Dulcimer Hammer
Book 11 Charlotte’s Love
Book 12 Olivia’s Orphan
Book 13 Hana
2.The Walker Mysteries Series
Book 1 Stolen Brides
Book 2 Missing Morgan
Book 3 Diamond Dairy
Book 4 Finding Charity

3.Bonds of Love Series
Book 1 Jesse James
Book 2 Love & Cherish
Book 3 The Promise
Book 4 Justice
4.Harvey House Series
Book 1 A Love So Legendary
Book 2 A Love So Untamed
Book 3 A Love So Faithful
Book 4 A Love So Unstaged
Book 5 A Love So Miraculous
Book 6 A Love So Healing
Book 7 A Love So Bold
Book 8 A Love So True
Book 9 A Love So Devoted
Book 10 A Love So Eternal
Book 11 A Love So Courageous
Book 12 A Love So Enchanting
5. Vail Series

Book 1 Dresses, Dreams and Cowboy Boots
Book 2 The Cowboy Pirate
Book 3 The Pony’s Tail Ranch
Book 4 Lizzy’s Freedom
Book 5 True Investment Offer
Book 6 Tasha’s Taste
Book 7 Capturing Kirstin
Book 8 Jennifer’s Journey

6.Peril or Prosperity Series
Book 1 Wagon Train
Book 2 Hope
Book 3 Rocky Proposal
Book 4 Westward and Wayward
Book 5 Tempestuous Bride
7.The Grant Boys Series 
Book 1 Taken for Granted
Book 2 Patience Granted
Book 3 Wishes Granted

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Katie Wyatt’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American Mail Order Bride Historical Western box set romance series is enjoyable for all ages.

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