How to Become an Astronaut for Kids! (Leadership and Self-Esteem and Self-Respect Books For Kids Book 4)

How to Become an Astronaut for Kids! (Leadership and Self-Esteem and Self-Respect Books For Kids Book 4)
: Eric Z
: 84
: Non Fiction : General
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How to become an Astronaut for KIDS!

Start your child’s Astronaut training and Go to the moon and back!

Specially designed for kids ages 5 – 12.

Do YOU know how to become an Astronaut?

What do you do when your little girl or boy says, “I wanna be an Astronaut when I grow up!” and you don’t know yourself!?

Here it is, you can put this in her or his little hands and say “This is it kid, your handbook for becoming an astronaut!”

ENGAGING pics with just the right amount of words helps your child learn, and at their own pace, because they want to!

We should never make the mistake of “dumbing down” our material for what we “perceive” as the right difficulty level for a certain age.

Let your kid decide.

This book starts out super simple and then gets a little more technical in the end.
Just right for all ages!

Astronaut training, the Apollo 11 mission, and a very detailed journey to the moon and back and much much more!

Looks FABULOUS on iPads, Kindle-Fires, and all Ereaders! With full-color high-resolution FULL-PAGE photos in this book to get your kids motivated!

  • Help your kid learn to read – he or she will WANT to read this if they like planes or want to be an astronaut.

  • Children need role models today, additionally READING -instead of playing video games- should be more encouraged.

  • DEFINITIONS for the harder words are provided to ADVANCE reading skills and comprehension.

  • This is an INTERACTIVE book with Tons of VIDEOS - no App required!

  • Razor-sharp graphics and DIAGRAMS to explain the cool parts of the spacecraft and ANSWER all of those questions your kids might have :-)

  • WORD WISE ENABLED--helps your kids with hard words in ONE glance!

  • X-RAY Enabled too--You can look up characters and definitions in ONE clicke!

More Detailed Breakdown:
  • Becoming an Astronaut
  • NASA’s requirements to become an Astronaut
  • Astronaut training
  • The Centrifuge
  • Weightlessness Training
  • Weightlessness training in the swimming pool
  • Zero G Aircraft "The Vomit Comet"
  • Astronaut Suits
  • How Does a Rocket Engine Work?
  • The Moon Mission - Apollo 11
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Michael Collins
  • The Saturn V Rocket and rocket stages
  • The Apollo Spacecraft:
  • The Apollo Command Module
  • The Apollo Service Module
  • The Command and Service Module
  • The Apollo Lunar Module
  • Going to the Moon - Step by Step
  • Gravity on the Moon
  • Moon Buggies
  • Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU)
  • Returning from the Moon and REENTRY!
  • And more!...

This book motivates by linking cool pics for kids to cool content - WORDS

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