Hello, Baby!: Important about Brother and Sister

Hello, Baby!: Important about Brother and Sister
: Nola Dalton
: 48
: Kids : General
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Are you looking for a children's book that can make a great first meeting of brother and sister and their future relation?

Children from 2 years and older will be interested in reading the story of one family and discovering how the life of three-year-old Alex changed when he had a very tiny sister, Alice.
And the young reader will understand that Alex's life is exciting and full of love. But sometimes the boy has to defend his toys, help his parents and the small sister.

Moms and dads would get useful tools for making a warm relationship between their sons and daughter.

"Hello, baby! Important about brother and sister" isn't a famous book, but it's worth to read and be on your children's bookshelf.

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