Wish You Nightmares...

Wish You Nightmares...
: Richard Thunberg
: 79
: Fiction : Mystery
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If you love to read horror then Wish You Nightmares will blow your
mind. If you do not love to read horror, this set of stories would still be a
spectacular introduction for you. Walk into the world of horror with Wish
You Nightmares and follow as the characters encounter seemingly
impossible situations that would make your skin crawl.
We may avoid the mysterious but they would always be with us. If we
cannot experience them or cannot stand them, we can watch as these
characters pull through each horrific encounter unto a brighter side. It’s
not always that things get bright though, and Wish You Nightmares will
pull you into that bizarre world.
Follow as Jason finds himself in a nightmare that he wishes were real and
hoped would end soon. Get into a world where the tussle of leaves and the
sight of caves are spellbinding but never in a good way. Enjoy the best
read of horror in this collection of short stories. I hope it opens your eyes
to the fact of being haunted, of living in an illusion and wanting to wake
up quickly. I hope this upsets your sleep in a most ravishing way. And I
hope you laugh it out loud when you wake up.

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