Astaire's Warm Day

Astaire's Warm Day
: Stephen Luk
: Pen Pen Press
: 17
: Kids : General
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Everything we do in life is based on fear, especially love… - Mel Brooks

Meet Astaire penguin - a little penguin that fears the cold.

Tired of constantly shivering, and refusing to follow the status quo, Astaire decides to take matters into his own flippers. Through his sheer perseverance to find a warm place, he embarks on a quirky adventure filled with ups and downs. In the end, Astaire navigates the frigid landscape to find the greatest warmth of all.

Astaire's Warm Day is a story for pre-K to K kids just learning to read. This surprising and heartfelt tale teaches children to be kind to others, to achieve big dreams through hard work, and to never forget where you come from.

The main character for Astaire's Warm Day was inspired by the real-life Astaire penguin, a Magellanic penguin at Long Beach's Aquarium of the Pacific. The author and his family spent many joyful hours playing with and feeding penguins while "researching" this book.

Astaire penguin also pays homage to Fred Astaire, who is partial to wearing fancy tuxedos and "dancing on air." Like Fred, Astaire Penguin also likes to glide up high, enjoys wearing neckties with his "tux," and has yet to find his Ginger Rogers.

All illustrations were hand-drawn to maintain a colorful, contemporary and timeless style that will capture your child's imagination.

Please rest assured no penguins were harmed (emotionally or otherwise) in the making of this book.

Author's Bio

Stephen Luk is a children's book writer and illustrator living in Southern California. He, like Astaire Penguin (the main character of the book), likes warm places and tropical fruits. Being no stranger to the cold, he grew up in the hustle and bustle of New York City, and attended college at Columbia University. Over the years, he has won numerous essay writing contests, and was named Senior Class Poet of his graduating class. Growing up, he spent a number of years tutoring local children within his community, and now has a son of his own to impart "wisdom" to.

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