Earn Money: 203 Websites, Blogs, and Magazines That Pay You to Write (2020)

Earn Money: 203 Websites, Blogs, and Magazines That Pay You to Write (2020)
: Kavitha A
: 212
: Non Fiction : Writing
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Have you got tired of hunting writing opportunities? If yes means then this eBook is definitely for you. From this book, you can find a writing job irrespective of your writing experience. 

It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced freelance writer or a newbie without any portfolio, you can still find a website from this book that help you to earn and simultaneously helps you to build your portfolio. 

This eBook contains some small publishers who are ready to pay a competitive rate to writers. It is really difficult to find those kinds of high paying small publishers in this big internet. 

It also contains great magazine publishers, and writing articles for those publishers can drastically boost your writing career. 

In this eBook, I have not just mentioned the publisher's website name and a link to their website but also have added additional details that help you decide whether the website is for you or not without having to hit the link every time. I have added the below-mentioned sections to each website to give you in-depth knowledge about each website. 

  • Geo-specific - Some websites accept articles only from authors who are residing in a particular country, and this section helps you to know about that. It also contains the country from which the website is accepting articles.
  • Topic - This is about the topic that websites want you to cover.
  • Content-type - This gives you an insight into what type of content the website wants you to write. From this section, you can understand whether the website wants you to write about list types of articles or tutorials.
  • Article word count - This gives you an understanding of how many words the websites expect you to write per article.
  • Payment per post - Here comes the important point. This section helps you to know about the pay rate of the website.
  • Payment info confirmed on the website - If this section contains yes, means then the payment info is confirmed on the website, or if it contains no, means then the info is taken from an external resource. You should not completely rely on the info taken from an external resource, because the pay may vary.
  • Payment Option - This is about the medium through which you get paid.
  • Author Byline - This is about whether you get author credit or not. If you get author credit, it helps you to develop your portfolio.
  • Homepage - This contains the link to the homepage of the website.
  • Submission Guidelines Page - This contains the link to the submission guidelines.
  • Application Submission – This contains the link to the application page.
  • Author FAQ Page - This contains the link to the author FAQ page through which you can better understand the website. This section is especially for Content marketing websites and Freelance marketing websites.

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