Facilitating Innovation: Unlocking Moonshots

Facilitating Innovation: Unlocking Moonshots
: Matt D.M. Watson Ph.D.
: 9m Consulting
: 279
: Non Fiction : Business
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The era of process management is fading away and the age of innovation is upon us. This is ushering in the era of knowledge creation where the goal of organizations is to discover how to find and take advantage of new value in the market. However, people are products of their environment. The culture that you have built for your organization is either stimulating creative thought or stunting it. "Facilitating Innovation" explains how the leader impacts the environment and describes the best practices of building a creative culture.

This transformational read explains the need for innovation in all organizations and the unfortunate state of creativity in Corporate America. After describing the conditions for innovation, the reader will be able to diagnose how their organization hinders or empowers novel ideas. The work then describes the best practices for enabling innovation in the office. Applying modern-day successes and epic fails, "Facilitating Innovation" paints a clear picture of the ideal work culture. Finally, the reader will walk away with a game plan on how to pivot their organization and become a facilitator of innovation.

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