I'm Joking: 500+ Original Jokes for Kids

I'm Joking: 500+ Original Jokes for Kids
: Tom E. Moffatt
: Write Laugh Books
: 242
: Kids : 9-12
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What happened when the pencils played the crayons? It was a draw

Why can’t cats sing in key? They always eat the tuner

Why did the dog breathe into the washing machine? It was trying to clean its pants

What do you call a man with a cat down his trousers? Claude

Giggle yourself silly with over 500 original jokes by Tom E. Moffatt: Author of Children's Laughter. These brand-spanking new jokes are a great way to freshen up your joke repertoire and change that broken record. Brimming with squeaky-clean family fun, amusing introductions from the author and hilarious illustrations throughout…. I’m Joking makes the perfect gift for children aged 8 and up.

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