Secrets Revealed (Betrayal Series)

Secrets Revealed (Betrayal Series)
: Alexis Ashlie
: 38
: Fiction : Romance
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Have you ever wanted to punch someone?
I have and the person I wanted to punch is Malcolm Garcia, my ex-fiancé.
Two years ago, our relationship fell apart and now on Christmas Day, I'm forcefully reunited with the man that had crushed my heart into the dust.
I've imagined so many different scenarios of what I'd say or do when I saw him. Sometimes, I'd imagine punching him and fulfilling that goal on my bucket list and other times I imagined simply ignoring him because he wasn't worth my attention.
What I didn't imagine was kissing him under the mistletoe while our family cheered us on and that's exactly what happened.
But do you know what the worst part is?
I liked it.

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