Habits for Happiness

Habits for Happiness
: Alexandr Rogozha
: OpenBook
: 53
: Non Fiction : General
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To have a healthy body is the choice of every person. Optimal weight, good mood, lasting energy – all
this depends on your lifestyle.

Every day you make actions that eventually form your habits, and further become your life. Diet usually
means restrictions that cause discomfort or stress. In this book, we take a slightly different approach.
Instead of giving up something, you can replace or add to your life more useful habits that eventually
lead to a harmonious and healthy body.

The book was written so that you can begin with any chapter and start practicing it in your life right

The knowledge contained in this book has been useful for many people. The author, with his experience
with people who have followed his steps, will guide you through every stage of this topic.

“On the path to a harmonious way of life and nutrition there are difficulties, obstacles, and distractions.
No matter how many times you fall, if you rise again, you will be on the right track and you will succeed.
This book will be your support in such situations" Alexandr Rogozha

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