The Perils Of The Jungle (Jasper - Amazon Parrot Book 3)

The Perils Of The Jungle (Jasper - Amazon Parrot Book 3)
: Sharon C. Williams
: Peculiar Possum - A Next Chapter Imprint
: 60
: Kids : General
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Jasper and his family enjoy living in the Amazon jungle. It’s full of family, friends, and adventures. Knowing their sister, Piper, will soon learn how to fly, will only add to the fun this family of birds will embark on.

The brothers, Jasper and Willie, are growing up in this wonderland of colors, sounds, and smells. They will need to rely on each other and friends as a strange new animal turns into a new buddy, while another can disrupt their lives forever.

While new challenges are always popping up, nothing can prepare Jasper and his friends for what is about to happen - something unexpected that will change everything.

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