Bitcoin Explained in Cartoons: For Adults Who Think Like Kids and Kids Who Will Be Smarter Than Adults

Bitcoin Explained in Cartoons: For Adults Who Think Like Kids and Kids Who Will Be Smarter Than Adults
: David Michael Ledesma
: 48
: Non Fiction : General
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As featured by ALTCOIN DAILY, top cryptocurrency show with 140,000 subscribers and 14 MILLION video views


"What a fun way to spread the word about Bitcoin!" - Matt Senter, Co-Founder CTO of, the USA's 1st and biggest Bitcoin rewards shopping site

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"Super easy to understand... in less than five minutes you will grasp the concept of Bitcoin and the basis for the value of cryptocurrencies" - James Seymour
"Good for new people in crypto currencies" - Cory Wall
"An easy read" - R. Patrick Rubin
"As someone new to Bitcoin, it's a great way to explain it to others" - Hayden Montgomerie
"Super helpful way to wrap your head around complex ideas!" - Clayton Roche

"The same level as The Bitcoin Standard... this one is more fun" - Altcoin Daily

90% TECH-FREE! Your super quick and easy "gateway" book to learn about Bitcoin BEFORE reading any other deeper or more technical stuff (and learning that deep technical stuff would be optional, if you're not a tech geek... just like people know about what a car is, without having to learn about the technical mechanics of an automotive engine). For those who may want to go slightly more technical and a bit deeper, the author provides an optional free "cheat-sheet" on his website, which he mentions at the end of the book.

Written by best-selling author David Michael Ledesma whose Youtube channel and website MBA Bull has garnered over 120,000 subscribers and 15 MILLION video views worldwide in the MBA tutorial niche, by simplifying tough business school topics using cartoon animation.A very quick and concise book for both you and your friends to enjoy!

This book will make Bitcoin SUPER EASY to UNDERSTAND in a cute, fun, and (MOSTLY) NON-TECHNICAL way without the hype... for Bitcoiners, skeptics, and even critics alike!)

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