The Source (The Mindbender Series Book 1)

The Source (The Mindbender Series Book 1)
: C.S. Luis
: Shadow City - A Next Chapter Imprint
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: Fiction : General
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After the death of her parents, Claudia Belle is sent to live with her grandfather. The principal of the local high school, he also shares Claudia's unique, unnatural gift. 

But after tragedy hits once again, Claudia finds herself in a difficult position. When a new principal takes over at Milton High, sparks begin to fly between Claudia and the principal's son. He makes her feel safe, but out there - somewhere - is another connection she feels just as deeply. 

With her entire life changing more quickly than she ever would have imagined, Claudia doesn't know where to turn or who to trust. Can she navigate this new world she's been thrust into?

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