You Matter Too: Learn to Survive and Thrive in a Narcissistic Relationship with Proven Ways on How to Heal and Make an Amazing Recovery After Emotional Abuse

You Matter Too: Learn to Survive and Thrive in a Narcissistic Relationship with Proven Ways on How to Heal and Make an Amazing Recovery After Emotional Abuse
: Geoffrey Loren
: 118
: Non Fiction : General
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What to do when you love a person who only loves themselves…

Does your partner regularly lie to you and betray your trust?

Have you ever felt insecure, misunderstood and lonely?

Have you ever questioned your own sanity after another discussion with your partner?

Your partner loves to blame you for the smallest things. You feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells and no matter how hard you try, you know you will somehow fail in the next 24 hours.

You feel lost and don´t know how to handle the next hissy fit.

Have you ever seen any of the following traits in your partner:

  • Grandiose sense of self-importance
  • Exploitation of others with guilt or shame
  • Intimidation of others
  • Exaggeration of achievements and talents
  • Preoccupation with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate

If you recognize any of the traits listed above in your partner, you are likely to be caught in a narcissist relationship.

But don´t worry, you are not alone.
The first step to healing and regaining your confidence is by understanding that you are not the problem and that you don´t suffer from delusions, even if your partner says so.

Unfortunately, we live in an increasing narcissist world where Facebook, Instagram and YouTube reward showmanship.

And more and more people build toxic, narcissistic character traits that ruin healthy longterm relationships.

At this point, many people think the only solution is giving up.

Yet, this is not true. You are much stronger than you think and with the right guidance, you can get your voice back and heal from the traumatic experience you´ve been through.

This is only a fragment of what you will discover in “You Matter Too”:

  • The one thing to maintain a healthy and functional relationship with a narcissist
  • The Ted Bundy strategy your partner uses to manipulate you
  • Why you are not to blame for falling in love with a narcissist
  • A bulletproof 15-point checklist to identify a narcissist
  • The 3 causes of a narcissist personality disorder
  • The 3 phases that keep you in the evil spiral and how to add the 4th one that will turn your life around once and for all (page: 21)
  • How to avoid the red flags in a toxic relationship and replace constant fights with effective communication
  • The unknown manipulation technique that makes you doubt your sanity
  • How to take off your partner´s ultra-confident mask and discover the truth they´ve been hiding for years
  • How to know when it´s time to move on
  • The most common narcissist abuse recovery mistakes and how to avoid them
  • A proven method used by emotionally abused victims to take the final step and leave a narcissist (even if it feels impossible right now)

And much more.

You might have tried everything to either heal your relationship or leave your partner, but nothing worked.

Narcissistic abuse affects over 158 million people in the U.S. Yet, only a few take action to change something about their situation.

Ex-narcissistic abuse victims report that the problem was their blindness to the manipulation they had been suffering from. Once they were able to spot the toxins in their relationship with the help of professional knowledge, they were able to heal quicker than they thought possible.

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