The Power of Bad Habits: Sink to the bottom of life or break free and find your own happiness (Habit Transformation Book 3)

The Power of Bad Habits: Sink to the bottom of life or break free and find your own happiness (Habit Transformation Book 3)
: Katherine Curtis
: 37
: Non Fiction : General
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A lot of people focus on developing new habits rather than dealing with the bad habits they have first. They make resolutions to start a meditation or exercise routine and then fail to follow through. They may even put in a bit of effort before fizzing out. But the simple truth is you cannot change a habit entirely. This will only create setbacks and negative feedback. Instead, focus on replacing or swapping those habits with other more productive habits.

This is the central theme of this book, The Power of Bad Habits. The idea is to illustrate how the ability to become a true success depends a lot on the habits you maintain. If you maintain mostly negative habits, your entire existence will be punctuated with negativity and missed opportunities. Your reputation may be damaged and your self-confidence may take a beating. Instead, develop positive habits that can fuel your motivation and keep you on track for success and happiness.

As the third book in this “Habit Transformation” series, The Power of Bad Habits,

  • Explains the “habit loop” responsible for the existence of habits and breaks it down into the problem and solution stages.
  • Profiles the role of the basal ganglia in habit formation and execution.
  • Shows why your cravings are such a powerful force that can even make you do things you are not happy with.
  • Uses the assembly-line analogy to explain why the brain uses habits as a means for promoting efficiency.
  • Lists some of the most common negative habits that you may already possess without knowing it.
  • Summarizes the social, financial, psychological, and physical damage that negative habits cause.
  • Introduces a trusted, tested, and functional ten-step plan for quitting and replacing bad habits.
  • Highlights some of the most productive positive habits that you can incorporate to swap out negative habits.

Our habits define us: they make us after we have made them. You can choose to master your habits and make them work for you instead of being trapped by them. Click on the “Buy Now” option today.

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