Burn: A Bad Boy Sweet Romance (Sentinels MC Rebels Book 1)

Burn: A Bad Boy Sweet Romance (Sentinels MC Rebels Book 1)
: Elana Johnson
: AEJ Creative Works
: 257
: Fiction : Romance
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There's nothing more dangerous than a bad boy making decisions with his heart.

Tyson "Bulldog" Pike has risen through the ranks of the Hawks Motorcycle Club to the level of Vice by doing whatever it took to prove his loyalty. But he's tired of moving drugs and people across the border, and he knows Daddy is corrupt.

The only way he's getting out is to find the proof to take down the President.

When Danielle Robbins - doe-eyed and innocent - shows up in the Club one morning with Daddy, Bulldog's protective instincts kick in. He offers to take her, and he finds her a job sorting through the metric-ton of paper in Daddy's office.

They're looking for specific documents Bulldog can use to contest Daddy's leadership, but there are deadly consequences to Bulldog's actions among his brethren...if he gets caught.

And why does his heart keep whispering to him to step outside the circle of celibacy he's painted himself in?

As he and Dani work together, Bulldog starts to let down his guard. He starts to trust. He starts to fall in love.

Can Dani and Bulldog work together to outsmart Daddy? Or will they lose everything...including their hearts?

Fall in love with motorcycle club romance in a whole new way! You'll love the bad boy in this brand new sweet romance from USA Today bestselling author Elana Johnson. It's 65,000 words of action, suspense, and heartwarming, satisfying sweet romance!

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