Bargaining Power (Power Trips Book 1)

Bargaining Power (Power Trips Book 1)
: Deborah J. Natelson
: Thinklings Books, LLC
: 378
: Fiction : Romance
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The dog doesn't die . . . but everyone else is fair game.

When she agreed to work for Carina’s greatest and strangest cryptanalyst, Mercedes didn’t realize she’d be playing cloak-and-dagger with aristocracy. But once her boss uncovers a grotesque plot against King Emil II’s life, she doesn’t hesitate to dive into a world of deceit and trickery.

Her plan might have worked, if the would-be assassins hadn’t had dark magic up their sleeves. Soon, Mercedes has not only treacherous lords and ladies to deal with, but also both the beautiful, vicious personification Deals & Bargains and a horrifying pair of weapons ready to devour the king, bones and all.

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