Cultural Capture: Can White People Wear Dreadlocks?

Cultural Capture: Can White People Wear Dreadlocks?
: Louis Rockwell
: 42
: Non Fiction : General
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Cultural Capture

Can White People Wear Dreadlocks?

The world is not an equal place, no matter how much we would like to think it is. I’m not talking about the obvious issues between Third World countries and the Western world.

In fact, there are many inequalities that continue today, such as women being paid less, people of color being treated differently to white people, and even the acceptance of different religions.

Cultures are built over long periods of time and they are shared. But, sharing your culture, or borrowing from another, means identifying with the culture and understanding the history and impact of the item you’re borrowing. If you can’t do that you’re dealing with cultural appropriation.

Of course, there are some areas where the history, and therefore ownership, of a trait, is dubious or multi-cultural. Dreadlocks are a great example of this, although the traditional image is Rastafarian or African. When the origins are not so clear cut it can be hard to decide if you should borrow the trait or not.

Fortunately, the answer to should white people wear dreadlocks is not as difficult as it seems, providing you have the right approach.

It’s time to take a look at what cultural capture really is and how you can do it without offending anyone.

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