Reflections by the Sea: Poems

Reflections by the Sea: Poems
: Christin Marie
: 81
: Kids : Non Fiction
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Reflections by the Sea, poetically navigates along three sections of poetry inspired by the author's experiences over her time while mingling with the sea. Through a still space, the profound voice of the sea emerges, and what flows forth is a movement through three Parts: Reflections, Prayers, and Love. Part I, both reflective and meditative, stirs from being at one with the elements, and paints a landscaped canvas of distant beaches, lush mountains, and lusty sails. Part II, drifts into a resonance of prayers, washed forth along the shore of the painted sea, verses delivered from its abyssal soul, and the Divine voice of All. In Part III, Love by the Sea, the tone shifts to one of romantic love, poems of a heart that heals, regains courage, and flows into a deeper love never before fathomed.
This work ignites one's love for the sea, and connects us to listen to its voice, becoming aware that the voice too, is inside us. Reflections by the Sea, is a collection of poetry written in homage to the beauty, love, and wisdom of Onenesss that comes from the presence of the sea. The passages transpire a whole new hope through yearning for the Divine, the higher Self, and the bounds of love. Deep in its heart, the passages will awaken and aspire to the cleansing of the soul to be born anew. Righteous in its pursuit, these nautical renderings, designed through free verse, melody and devotion, hum to the rhythms of the sea.
What dreams shine forth begins a new wave to the underpinnings of our human endeavor. Walk with the sea, unveil your heartstrings, feel anew.

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