FIX Marketer: The 7-Step Plan to 10X Marketing R.O.I. For Local Businesses

FIX Marketer: The 7-Step Plan to 10X Marketing R.O.I. For Local Businesses
: Jason Weaver
: 132
: Non Fiction : Business
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Marketing a local business can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and downright life draining. If you don't know what your cost per lead is, how well each marketing channel performs, or which marketing efforts aren't working, then you aren't in control. Learn how to identify what is working and double down on it all while cutting out the fat and taking control of your destiny.

Fix Marketer is a doable, step-by-step guide designed to demystify online marketing, allowing you to turn it into a more reliable investment with predictable R.O.I.

FIX stands for Framework, Identity, X Factor.

Most marketing books focus on one tactic like SEO, Pay-Per-Click, or Facebook Ads. Fix Marketer distills all those and more into a holistic 7-step marketing strategy framework that you can add your unique business identity to along with some X factors.

If you own or market a local professional service or a local brick and mortar business, Fix Marketer is for you. Learn how to:

-Find and advertise to your ideal customer on 7 mediums
-Spy on your competitors and find their best ads
-Recommendations on how to start and where to go for help
-Setup and monitor a simple dashboard 10xing success

If you can't remember the last time you felt in control of your marketing and business, this book is for you.

Jason Weaver helps people take advantage of online marketing real estate. He provides the tools and insight that puts a stop to random acts of marketing and allows you to start following a reliable 7-step plan. Since 2009, Jason has helped hundreds of local businesses achieve success they never dreamed possible. Today, in addition to consulting, Jason speaks out about impactful marketing and business processes.

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