Stop Drinking Alcohol in 5 Steps: Discover Effective Ways to Quit Drinking and Stop Alcohol Abuse

Stop Drinking Alcohol in 5 Steps: Discover Effective Ways to Quit Drinking and Stop Alcohol Abuse
: Helen Wright
: 58
: Non Fiction : General
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Are you sick of the effects of drinking on your life? Do you have even a tiny shred of desire to stop drinking? This book is written from the heart and contains brutally honest techniques that can save you from a self-destructive path of alcoholism. I will to equip you with the necessary knowledge to fight off this disaster from your life.

By reading this book, you will be able to find the best ways to stop drinking. This is achieved through tackling facts about drinking alcohol and exploring sure ways to evade the persistent urge to drink. The impacts of drinking are highlighting in terms of how alcohol consumption affects the brain and the self-help strategies are provided to detach yourself from the tight grasp of an alcohol addiction. This book investigates empowering you to understand why alcoholics drink the way they do. Many a time, you might be wondering why you or a loved one drinks the way they do and what should be done to stop such reckless and destructive behavior. Well, this book answers those two questions in a very easy to understand way.

What will you discover in this book?

-The stages of alcoholism to determine at which one are you or your loved one now;
-So-called «the bottom of the bottle», or saying it differently we will look at the consequences of an alcohol abuse from different perspectives;
-Causes of alcoholism to find out the true reasons why it all started and eliminate the root cause;
-Popular myths about drinking alcohol and our personal beliefs to call into question;
-Reasons to quit drinking to build your inspiring and powerful motivation;
-Why quitting can be so hard and why you should not rely on your willpower only;
-Rules and techniques to adhere to on your path to sobriety;
-Real stories from people who have overcome an alcohol addiction;
-How to make the desired changes happen in 5 proven steps.

This book helps you to realize the value of leading a responsible and productive life. It opens your eyes to other forms of hobbies and fun activities that do not require drinking. While this book is not a prescription from your general practitioner, reading it will make a significant impact on your life. Applying what you read in your life will not only give you the drive to quit drinking but empower you to make sober decisions to take control of your life daily.

Make a conscious decision to quit drinking and begin your journey toward freedom today. I totally believe in you!

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