Delta Squad - The Rise Of 188

Delta Squad - The Rise Of 188
: Jesse Wilson
: Beyond Time - A Next Chapter Imprint
: 0
: Fiction : SciFi
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The power of a god is bestowed on a madman, his eyes glowing with a golden light through an arcane ritual from ages past. Together with a group of insane generals, he is dedicated to wage war on the world, with an army of remorseless killers that can appear anywhere on the planet. They take no prisoners, and no one is safe.

Meanwhile, a top-secret organization known only to the highest levels of power is coming up with its greatest weapon: the mythical Delta Squad. A five-member team with special skills, weapons and armor, they are destined to fight in what could be the last war.

But will it be enough to put an end to the madness... or is the rise of the sinister power only known as 188 impossible to stop?

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