Chakras For Beginners - Man's Chakras - 21 Chakras: Hinduism, Shamanism, Slavic Tradition, Exercise For Chakra Protection, Healing, Clearing, Chakra Activation (The 21 Chakras Guide)

Chakras For Beginners - Man's Chakras - 21 Chakras: Hinduism, Shamanism, Slavic Tradition, Exercise For Chakra Protection, Healing, Clearing, Chakra Activation (The 21 Chakras Guide)
: Odin
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: Non Fiction : General
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A few simple movements and protective mantra – is the fastest and simplest way to chakra balancing, chakra cleansing, chakra protects from energy and magical effects, as well as for daily cleaning and chakra activating & auras activating. It will take only 3-4 minutes a day for this practice. Also, you will get the complete map of human chakras – the 21 chakras quide, that I created on the basis of knowledge of three world traditions (Hinduism, Shamanism, Slavic tradition) and a few secret esoteric schools.

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Free Diagnosis of Aura by Photо:
Free Lessons to Strengthen Aura & Activation Ability:
Free Сhakra Test:
Free Helpful Practical Advices in the Author’s Blog:
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16. Chakras for beginners: exercise for healing & opening your chakras anahata, vishuddha & ajna.
17. Exercise how to open your heart chakra, heart chakra cleansing.
18. Balance Yin & Yang: exercise for balance Yin Yang energies.
19. How to remove negative emotions – fears, anger, exasperation.
20. Bindu chakra – body rejuvenation: techniques for bindu chakra activation, preservation youth & health.
21. How to reduce your fears in 1 day: how to overcome fears using meditation to stop anxiety, panic & worry.
22. Healing mantra: Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra – mantra for happiness, peace, prosperity.
23. Development of inner attention.
24. Energetic & psychic protection: how to protect from psychic attack, enemies, manipulators & negative energy.
25. Fulfillment of desires – techniques that really work.
26. How to make good karma: how to change bad karma, how to quickly remove bad situations in the past & to change your present & future.
27. Quick guide for protection & cleansing your aura from negative energy using shaman's drum, bija mantras, tibetan singing bowls.

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