So Your Boss Can't Lead?: A Practical Guide to Be the Leader You Want

So Your Boss Can't Lead?: A Practical Guide to Be the Leader You Want
: Stephanie German
: 82
: Non Fiction : General
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Anyone can be a boss. It takes a true servant to be a leader.

The success of any organization and its people depends on the type of leader you choose to be. Stephanie German, leadership coach and speaker, succinctly dissects what it takes to become a leader worth following. Maybe you’ve heard these phrases from your own boss:

“Well, I’m the boss so I’m going to do what I want.”
“I’m the boss and get to make the final decision.”
“This is how it’s going to be done—no questions.”

If those words sound familiar, then realize that you’re not alone. This book is designed to help you navigate your own leadership journey so you can become the boss you’ve always wanted to be. Stephanie German teaches you how to:

Find your strengths as a leader
Learn how to delegate others
Lead people with their particular personality in mind
Communicate effectively with your employees
Act like a leader, not a manager

What if you actually did what you thought was right and not whatever it took to meet deadlines? What if you learned a better way to lead people? And what if that style of leadership made everyone more successful?

So Your Boss Can’t Lead? transforms leaders into great ones. From crafting a mission statement of your core values to examining the differences between management and leadership, you’ll finish this concise book with a plan in place to demonstrate servant leadership instead of micromanagement.

Are you ready to establish trust with your employees, communicate an organization’s vision, and build up new leaders in the process?

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